Le château


The castle of Montmoreau rises on top of a hill that towers above the valley of the Tude and on whose slopes the old city was built.

The soil of the hill was perfect for building what was probably at first just a fort and became a feudal castle in the 11th century. It took almost all the platform up and was surrounded by two walls. The Notre-Dame chapel was within the first wall. It was completely buried when the feudal castle was destroyed in 1450.

The construction of the present castle started at the same period. It retained the two round towers of the old feudal castle adding a structure which is partly Gothic and partly Renaissance around it.

The castle of Montmoreau has not suffered much over the passage of time and therefore offers an exceptionally well-preserved architectural heritage. It provides a perfect view of a key era when one world was ending and another one was beginning.

Warning. The castle used to be a private property opened to visitors. But this is no longer the case because the Notre-Dame chapel has started to crumble and the south tower is unstable. We’re waiting for the approval of the Monuments historiques in order to start the necessary restoration work.

Photos by Jean-Marie Sicard


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