Le village




The commune of Montmoreau-Saint-Cybard is a chef-lieu de canton on the South of the département de la Charente, arrondissement d’Angoulême. It belongs to the communauté de communes du Montmorélien. The commune had 1187 residents in 2006 (Montmoréliens and Montmoréliennes).

The hills of the Montmorélien are a continuation of the Périgord on the west of the département de la Dordogne. It’s a display of vast and distant landscapes, horizons of forests where you can almost feel the climate of the shores of the Charente maritime coming from the sky. The village of Montmoreau is built on the west bank of the valley of the Tude, a river that flows into the Dronne, on the southern border of the département de la Charente (basin of Adour Garonne).

The site has been inhabited ever since the 1st or 2nd century. Fragments of pottery and coins have been found as well as the site of a Gallo-Roman villa.

The name Montmoreau comes from Monte Morelli which might mean « Mont of the Moor ». This is perhaps due to the presence of North African or Berber soldiers during the battle of Poitiers in 732.

A hill dominates the valley of the Tude, on top of which is sited a castle from the 11th and 15th century.

On the hill side, the sloping streets of the old town spread with ancient houses and a Romanesque church from the 12th century. Montmoreau was a stopover for the pilgrims of Compostelle as they walked the Via Turonensis.

The modern areas surround the old town. The economic and commercial life which was previously located in the old town has now spread along the RD 674 that links Angoulême to Libourne.

The burg of Saint-Cybard is on the north west of Montmoreau. The two communes were merged in 1966.



Today’s shield: D’azur à un château d’argent. A barony crown surmounts it. On certain street plates, one can see the arms of de Rochechouart, son of Géraud de Limoges: Fascé ondé d’argent et de gueules de six pièces. Some Rochechouarts were baron or marquis de Montmoreau from the 16th to the early 18th century.


Latitude: 45° 24’ 00’’ North

Longitude: 00° 07’ 43’’ East

Altitude: from 71 m to 182 m.

The antipodes of Montmoreau are set in  the Pacific Ocean, at about 350 nautical miles west of New Zealand.


- Montmoreau is at the junction of the RD 674 - Angoulême to Libourne, also an alternative route (“itinéraire bis”) to the Pyrenees and to Spain – and of the RD 24 and 709 that links Barbezieux (on the RN 10) to the west of the département de la Charente and the département de la Dordogne.

- The railway Paris-Bordeaux goes through Montmoreau. The station handels freight traffic and is also a stop on the TER line Angoulême-Bordeaux.

- The TGV station of Angoulême is 30 to 40 mn away by car, 20 mn by TER.

- The airport of Angoulême-Cognac is 40 to 50 mn away by car.


- Montmoreau-Charente Maritime. La Rochelle, the isles of Ré and Oléron: about 140 km. Royan: 93 km.

- Montmoreau-Dordogne and Périgord. Périgueux: 53 km. Les Eyzies, Lascaux II, the « Valley of Man »: about 90 km. Bergerac: 67 km.

- Montmoreau-Aquitaine. Bordeaux: 80 km, Saint-Émilion: 61 km, Arcachon: 130 km.

- Montmoreau-Pays Basque. Biarritz: 250 km, Espelette: 260 km.

- Montmoreau-ski resorts of the Pyrénées Atlantiques: between 250 and 300 km.